6 July 2023 Publication
Coller Research Institute

Private Equity Findings, Issue 19

Private Equity Findings, published by the Coller Research Institute in conjunction with leading academic Josh Lerner at Harvard Business School, aims to bridge the gap between the academic and private equity practitioner worlds.

We take the findings from the best of the world’s private equity academic research and bring them to a wider audience of the people on the ground – general partners, limited partners, advisers and policy makers – in a lively and engaging format through interviews with the authors of the research, as well as gathering the insight and opinions of GPs, LPs and advisers.


In this issue:

Feature article: But What About The Workers?
Why PE should look beyond management in the war for talent

Private Equity In A Downturn
What the pandemic playbook reveals about portfolio management today

What’s The Future For Tech Hubs
Is there a case for a more dispersed VC funding modal?

Climate Alpha
How to value decarbonising investments

Relationships or Reputation?
Can portfolio performance affect debt terms?

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